Irrigation & Drainage

Water Tanks

Water tanks make a fantastic investment for expansive gardens and lawns. Collecting water from your existing gutters, water tanks can be connected to pumps to provide thorough irrigation for your yard.

Available in various sizes and shapes to fit along boundaries and side paths, the installation of a water tank can reduce water bills and provide stable hydration in times of water restrictions.


Automated Computerised Systems

At Green and Home our main focus is for our client’s to enjoy their gardens and not be imposed by the burden of daily garden maintenance.

Our range of computerised watering systems takes the hassle out of keeping your garden healthy. With scalable systems catering from residential blocks to large acreages, we can design the perfect system to suit your needs.

Each system is highly programmable with controls to specify time of day, duration of watering cycle and independent line control. Once configured, watering happens automatically to give you more time to enjoy your backyard masterpiece!

Drip Lines & Pop Up Irrigation

Ag pipes and sprayers are can be an eye saw in your garden or create obstacles to avoid while mowing. Green and Home can design underground watering systems that are barely visible and spray water only where required.

Popup irrigation systems remove all trip hazards and obstacles while remaining easy to maintain and most importantly provide effective irrigation to your lawn or gardens. With many nozzle options available, a professionally design irrigation system ensures your lawns are receiving the right mount of hydration without over watering.