Landscaping & Maintenance



Paving offers a fantastic low maintenance approach to outdoor living areas and paths. On-going maintenance for paving and minimal and will provide great longevity. With a huge range of colours and patterns available, paving can compliment nearly any external landscaping design.

Highly durable and resistant to weather, pavers can also provide an effective non-slip surface around your house and if installed correctly can be used for car ports support heavy loads.

Our experienced landscaping team can take care of the entire process including levelling, paving beds, laying and we can even help you through the design process to choose the right products to suit your property.

Retaining Walls

Whether it be decorative, structural or used for sediment retention, retaining walls are a great investment for your garden. They can also provide healthier soil for your plants keeping minerals and plant food in your gardens.

There is a huge selection of materials which can be used for creating retaining walls from traditional core filled contrete blocks and rockwalls through to timber and decorative textured metals.

Green Walls

Green Walls

Looking to spice up your garden, courtyard or outdoor living area? Green walls can do just that. Our specialist vertical garden systems can be configured to be as small or large as desired!

Green and Home work with client’s to assist in designing the perfect vertical garden to fit in any space. From plant selection and colour palettes through to on-going maintenance.

Our vertical garden systems are designed to be a low maintenance as possible for the property owner. This includes industry leading frame products to increase longevity and advanced irrigation systems for automated watering. Call Green and Home today to learn more about our extensive range of vertical gardens and accessories.