How to grow a Lemon Tree

Choose the sunniest spot in the yard to plant a lemon tree in the ground, or pot a dwarf variety in a small garden. Soak the roots in a bucket of water before planting to keep the root ball intact, then dig a hole twice its width, position the plant level with the surrounding soil and backfill.

Repairing Lawn Damage

Damage to a lawn can be attributed to a variety of causes, for example, pet urine, heavy foot traffic, furniture placement, insects, disease, and lack of previous maintenance, to name a few. There is more than one way to repair spots due to one of the above, or other, reasons. For the purposes…

Mulching Tips

Most people know what mulch is. But there’s a lot to know about the different types of mulches, and many tips and tricks to ensure the best results in your garden.

Winter Lawn Care

For most of us, winter is not the ideal time to show off your outdoor area. The colder months can drain the life from your lawn, leaving it a listless shadow of its normally lustrous summer self.

Decorative Pebbles and Stones

One of the benefits resulting from the diminishing rainfall now being experienced Australia wide is the growing realisation by the community that there are alternatives to the vast areas of lawn traditionally found around suburban houses.

Spring Lawn Care

If you haven’t begun preparing your lawn for the warmer months, now is the time to start. Prepping your lawn now will make sure, come spring and summer, your grass will always be greener

Summer Lawn Mowing Tips

Want some Lawn Mowing tips? We all know that lawns love to grow fast in Summer but are you trimming your lawn too short? I bet some of you out there are doing just that. I know, it’s easy to knock it down nice and low to save you a weeks mowing. But by doing this you could be slowly ruining you…
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How to Oil a Deck

There can be nothing more satisfying than doing a beautiful finish to your own outdoor deck. It’s really quite a simple process to oil a deck, provided the preparation is done right. I have put together a little information below that will have you oiling your deck and sitting back with a nice cold …

Spring Gardening Tips

Spring really is such a beautiful seasion. In Fact! It’s the best time of year. So this means, it’s a time to get out of the house and into the garden.

Local Business Awards Finalist

Thanks to our wonderful customers who voted for us in this years Inner West Business Awards. We are so proud to have been selected as a finalist and now have our sights set firm on the big one.
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