Decorative Pebbles and Stones

One of the benefits resulting from the diminishing rainfall now being experienced Australia wide is the growing realisation by the community that there are alternatives to the vast areas of lawn traditionally found around suburban houses.

How to Oil a Deck

There can be nothing more satisfying than doing a beautiful finish to your own outdoor deck. It’s really quite a simple process to oil a deck, provided the preparation is done right. I have put together a little information below that will have you oiling your deck and sitting back with a nice cold …

Local Business Awards Finalist

Thanks to our wonderful customers who voted for us in this years Inner West Business Awards. We are so proud to have been selected as a finalist and now have our sights set firm on the big one.
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Creating a Summer Oasis

Whether you’ve been on holidays, a bit slack with watering or too busy to spend time in the garden, there are plenty of ways that you can revive your garden and get your own piece of paradise. At Green and Home Gardens this month we will be focusing on turning brown to green. You can follow these 3 …

Buy a Fiddle Leaf Fig – Ficus Lyrata

Commonly known as a Fiddle Leaf Fig, this stunning plant is available at Green and Home Gardens, Rozelle. Our boutique garden store carry a hand picked selection of this beautiful indoor plant.