Creating a Summer Oasis

Create a Summer Oasis!

It’s been a hot summer and your garden may be in need of some extra attention.

Whether you’ve been on holidays, a bit slack with watering or too busy to spend time in the garden, there are plenty of ways that you can revive your garden and get your own piece of paradise. 

At Green and Home Gardens this month we will be focusing on turning brown to green. You can follow these 3 easy steps or simply give Green and Home Gardens a call and we can organise a Garden Maintenance Service to suit you.

Step 1 Water & Weed

The number one reason why your garden may be looking a bit tired is lack of water, we’ve had lots of beautifully hot sunny days and some plants struggle more than others. Remember to water more during the summer months, 3 times a week is usually plenty. If there has been an extremely hot day treat the plants to a bit of extra water. Removing weeds will enhance the structure of your garden instantly improving its aesthetic.

Step 2 Lawn

A brown lawn is never pleasing to the eye. You may be able to revive your lawn with a bit of organic fertiliser and wetting agents. You can buy these in store at Rozelle or from home online. 
If this doesn’t do the job it may be time to replace your lawn. We can perform a Lawn Care Service from as low as $80.

Step 3 Style

By adding some brightly coloured decorative features to your garden such as cushions, umbrella’s or even a flamingo or two you will create an inviting space that is perfect for those summer barbeques’s and evening drinks. 
Our styling pick this month is the Basil Bangs Partly Cloudy Umbrella, check it out in store or online!

Sick of your Garden or feel like a change?

We can redesign your garden from as low as $250 this will include a consultation and drawing of your new garden!