Garden Ideas with Atlantis Pots

Garden Ideas with Atlantis Pots

Pots are an easy way to get the most out of small spaces or add interest in larger gardens. The Atlantis Pot Range is quite versatile and suits wide variety of gardens due to its unique finish.

The Atlantis Pot Range is a beautiful mixture of pots in various shapes and sizes that are hand fired to create a textured and mottled surface. The colours are a mix of creamy yellows, browns and greys to chalky white. Every pot is uniquely finished and features a different balance of colour.

If you are looking to buy garden pots, these Atlantis Pots are a great way to add texture to your garden or courtyard. Atlantis pots look spectacular set into garden beds and surrounded by luscious plants. If you are doing this it is best to use a larger more sculptural pot. We recommend the Atlantis Water Jar, Lotus Bowl, or Skorpio you can also buy all of these pots online. You can either plant the pot with a feature plant or use it as a water bowl.

When choosing plants for these pots aim for plants with deep green, red or purple foliage, the softness of the foliage will balance well with the textured surface of the pot. Steer away from plants with grey or silver leaves as colours that are too similar to the pot will distract the eye.

The Atlantis Pot Range is any easy way to make your garden look great!