Garden Maintenance Charges

When you engage Green and Home to care for your garden you can be assured only the highest trained staff will be working on your garden. You see, we’re different to lawn mowing companies or so called “gardeners” and franchise based oporators. We’re trained horticulturalists and landscape professionals with years of knowledge and practical know how.

Our clients benifit from the attention to detail we provide and excellence we strive for. Not all garden companies are the same. Our teams deliver a high quality service which benifits the ongoing health and appeal of your garden.

A qualified horticulturist does more than just garden. 
“A garden is first and foremost a work of art, with the garden playing the roles of architect, sculptor, musician and painter in turn. A garden should move visitors, setting all their senses aquiver”. Dominique Lafourcade 

So, what does it cost?

We have a minimum service charge of $150+GST.

This is for 2 team members up to 1 hour of detailed garden care. Waste removal, fertilisers, sprays etc are an extra charge and can be advised on site. Jobs which may be more than 3 hours can be quoted.

We’re always happy to chat and help establish your needs for garden care. Please call us 02 9555 5365.