Plant of the Month – Mistletoe Cactus

Rhipsalis or Mistletoe Cactus.

This is one of my favourite plants. I just love the flowing forms and “cousin it” type appearance. An easy plant to grow and looks amazing in a hanging basket. Perfect for part shade or indoors and are just about indestructible. I have been using them in vertical gardens & small planter boxes which look amazing. The best thing is that they require very little water and seem to thrive from occasional neglect. 

The photo above is from Brendan Moar’s display garden at the Australian Garden Show, which won Best In Show 2013.  We manage one of Brandans beautiful gardens in Lilyfield where he has used Rhipsalis and String of Pearl (Senecio rowleyanus) cactus with great success (pictured below)


Found mostly in the jungles of South America. Most grow on trees as an epiphyte but all can be grown in soil also. Plant in well-drained soil with added humus or compost, hardwood bark mulch or orchid mix with some perlite or vermiculite. Water well then let dry some between waterings, not bone dry, just barely damp. Keep in shade or dappled shade like under trees.

If you’re looking for an intersting, conversation starting plant then you can’t go wrong with Rhipsalis.

Thanks for reading