Preparing Your Home for Sale

“There’s no second chance to make a first impression”

I know, we have heard it a million times, but I can’t tell you the amount of properties I see where owners have neglected to invest a few dollars and some simple pre sale makeover techniques. It doesn’t have to cost the earth nor does it have to be overthought with timely and costly design and renovations. 

My team and I have prepared countless of homes for sale in Sydney, all with one focus in mind, and that’s a Quick Sale For Top Dollar! By following my list of Must Do’s you’ll be able to your home correctly and have given yourself the best possible chance to attract the best buyers and secure maximum dollar. If your handy, then most of this is a breeze. If not, we can help.

Here’s my list of MUST DO’s


  • Painting the exterior. Make sure the home is well painted or at least pressure washed. Choose a neutral colour and enhance the appeal with a bold door colour and contrasting trim around the windows. 
  • Add a feature pot & plant at the front door or troughs on the balcony. Potted colour in hanging baskets. 
  • Remove all cobwebs, leaves, dust etc. A pressure washer is perfect for this job. 
  • Fix any broken tiles and pavers. You don’t want people tripping on them during the inspection.
  • Wash all windows and fly screens. Once again a pressure washer is perfect for this. 
  • Assess the garden. Does it need a prune? New plants? Potted Colour? Mulch?  I love using potted colour in pots and small garden beds. It adds instant appeal to the garden and for minimal spend. Consider renting pots and plants if you don’t want to buy and don’t be shy to spend a little on the garden. You’ll make it all back!


  • Consider renting furniture if yours is old and dated. Tania from Evolve Styling works wonders to interiors.
  • Paint walls & ceilings, make sure any damp and wet staines are treated and painted. Buyers notice this and will start looking at every wall then push for discounts. 
  • Fix all obvious cracks in walls, scratches on floorboards and trims etc.
  • If you don’t need to paint the walls, often a good wash down with Sugar Soap will liven up the paint work. 
  • Steam clean your carpets and upholstery. Stains on the carpet and lounge don’t look good and once again will make the buyer consider discounts or at very least mention that it’s dirty.
  • De-clutter all shelving and bench tops. A clutter free kitchen looks great. 
  • Repair any dripping taps or replace old tap ware. Often new tap ware is all it takes to freshen up a tired old bathroom.
  • Finally, a very detailed clean. If cleaning is not your thing try a pre sale cleaning company. We often work with Michael and his team from Clean & Clear. They are amazing!

Remember, it’s all about taking the buyers attention away from areas that may result in them asking for discounts. If they don’t trip on a paver they may not even notice the pavers are a little old. If the house paint has been pressure washed they may not mention it needs a paint, and so on. All houses have small issues and most of the time buyers won’t even notice some slight imperfections, providing you have done everything to present the home as best at possible. Also, not all homes are the same and you may wish to discuss your needs with us, we’re more than happy to help out where we can.

Best of luck and enjoy the adventure.