Spring Gardening Tips

Spring really is such a beautiful seasion. In Fact! It’s the best time of year. So this means, it’s a time to get out of the house and into the garden.
Here is a list we have put together for you if your’re thinking about hitting the Garden this Spring. Why not? The kids will love it and it’s a brilliant opportunity to get the family together.

Spring Garden Tips

  • Aerate and Fertilise the lawn
  • Weed out all your garden beds
  • Fertilise your garden, add composts
  • Lay a quality garden mulch
  • Plant a great selection of herbs, a few garden pots will do the trick
  • Prune all winter flowering plants
  • Give your hedges a quick trim
  • Add some potted colour to the garden, Petunias and Daisy’s are beautiful this time of year
  • Inspect for pests and treat immediatly
If you’re looking for a little help, Green and Home have a team of qualified and enthusiastic Garden Lovers and Horticulturalists that are more than happy to help.
We also have a great selection of Garden Pots for sale, perfect for all those herbs.
Enjoy the seasion, it’s the best time of year