Styling with Pantone

Our Pantone Pot Range is Here!

If you are looking to get some instant colour and style in your garden, the pantone pot range is a great way to start. Pantone Pots will give you instant colour and add a touch of warmth to any space.

To get maximum impact mix and match pot colours and use a variety of plants to create contrast. I’ve collected some images below for inspiration.

Pantone pots are also great for indoor spaces or even on your desk at work. Indoor plants such a Peace Lilies and Orchids will love living in these pots. Alternatively, use your pot for cut flowers as centerpiece for your kitchen or dining room table.

What’s so special about Pantone?

Pantone revolutionised the world of colour. The Pantone Colour Matching System was the first of its kind and was developed in 1963. The Pantone colour matching system, known as PMS allowed people to match colours using the simple numbering system. Using PMS, graphic designers and manufacturers were able to ensure that a specific colour was used without any confusion. This may sound like a trivial piece of knowledge, however Pantone transformed the way that manufacturers and designers described and specified colour. No more light blue, or greeny blue, light blue was simply numbered 14-4809