Summer Lawn Mowing Tips

Want some Lawn Mowing tips?

We all know that lawns love to grow fast in Summer but are you trimming your lawn too short? I bet some of you out there are doing just that. I know, it’s easy to knock it down nice and low to save you a weeks mowing. But by doing this you could be slowly ruining your lawn.

Green and Home prefer to take only 1/3 of the lawn off. This way it leaves plenty of green growth covering the root foundations, preventing your lawn from drying out too much throughout summer.

Have you ever driven down the road and looked at someones lawn and wondered how they get it so lush and green? You too could have a lawn like that. It does take a little extra time and care but it’s well worth the effort.

Follow these simple steps to a beautiful lawn

1. Water well for a short period of time. Lawn thrives from a solid drink preferrebly early morning rather then the evenings.

2. When mowing, only take off 1/3 of the lawn blades. Ensure you leave enough green lawn to cover the roots. Basically, only a light trim will give the best results over time.

3. If you have a mulch mower… use it! It provides wonderful nutrients including nitrogen which is vital for a greener lawn.

4. Fertilise on a regular basis with an all round organic fertiliser. We prefer to stay away from chemical based fertilisers (there are some wonderful organic fertilisers on the market).

5. If you can’t be bothered with all this then give Green and Home a call… We offer complete lawn care programs to suit any size lawn.

Follow these simple steps for a beautiful lawn and your neighbours will be ‘green’ with envy